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Coming Soon...

Over the next few months, we will continue to shine the spotlight on our love for design by focusing our work on the creation of new Small Batch putter designs.


These rare examples have been painstakingly designed, shaped and finished using only the finest materials and the most precise engineering. In the end we think you’ll agree, these are the most exquisite milled putters in the world.


In the months that follow, we look forward to sharing our love of design and product creation with the introduction of a wider range of incredible products. Our team has been busy applying our mindset — that of a master milled putter creator — as we studied a variety of different products. This curiosity has lead us into areas that have been so rewarding to explore, and we can't wait to share our work soon.


To be certain, at Toulon Golf we have set our focus on becoming the premier boutique maker of golf equipment in the world. We look forward to showing you what’s next…

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